Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Strangled by Mickey Mouse

Rick came out of his apartment really hung over from the night before.  He saw a lady being strangled.  She was in a car and the man had his hands around her neck and she was grimacing, trying to get his hands off her neck. Rick stared because the scene looked so much like a movie he saw the night before with the man shaking her back and forth.
 He dialed 911.
Yes there is a  man strangling some lady in car. I'm at 3900 Pine Grove he said going back toward his apartment building.
We will have a squad right there.
Rick kept his eye on the car. It was the middle of the day in Chicago and he had just woke up. The car with the lady and the man suddenly pulled away and roared down the street. A blue and white squad car turned the corner.
Rick stepped out in the street and flagged it down. The cop leaned out the window with blue Mickey Mouse sunglasses.
You call in about seeing some guy strangling a lady?
Yeah. I saw them. They just took off that way.
The cop nodded and roared off and screech around the corner. Rick stood in front of  his apartment building. His head throbbed from the shots of Absolute.  His own apartment had been broken into twice and someone had tried to steal his car and smashed his driver side window. The rents were low and good for a writer. 
The cop car came back around the corner.  Mickey Mouse leaned out.
I didn't see anything. You sure you saw some guy strangling the lady?
As sure as I am that you are wearing blue Mickey Mouse sunglasses.
 The cop stared at him
What are you talking about?

Rocket Man...the American Dream turned upside down


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