Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Starbucks Guts

We got to get rid of that monkee in the White House!
Jerry looked up from his computer and stared at the man in the Starbucks.
He's ruining the country! He should go back to the jungle with his wife and kids!
Jerry  stared at the man then looked at other people pecking away.He watched the man sit down at at table and take off his scarf.
He's the worst President we ever had! He wasnt even born here! He's not even our President!
Jerry  felt his heart. It was time to say something. The other people wernt even looking up. Enough is enough!
He's Hilter! A Socialist Hitler!
Jerry shut his eyes. Now was the time to do it. How dare you insult our President like that you racist bastard! That would shut him down.
I hope somebody shoots him! I really do.
Jerry felt shock in his soul. Wasnt that against the law? Somebody should call the Secret Service.He would tell this old asshole where to get off. He studied the man with the small grey mustache and pointy nose. A real moron. Ok. Right Now. Say it! Shut him down!
Hes taking honest peoples money and gives it to the welfare queens!
Jerry stood up. His heart thumped.  He began to cross the Starbucks when the man suddenly stood up and left. Jerry felt cheated. He watched him stand outside and look up and down the steet. Jerry saw that he had left his scarf on the table. He grabbed the scarf and went outside.
The man was just outside the door. Jerry felt like his body was on fire. Now he would say what he really thought!
Yeah he said clutching a cigar.
Jerry opened his mouth.
Hey you got my scarf...thanks he said takign the scarf.
The man walked down the street. Jerry stared after him and felt really cold. 
Rocket Man...Scouting gone bad

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