Sunday, March 31, 2013

New Kid

Now there goes a real faggot!
John turned and saw the blond haired boy laughing against the wall. He was surrounded by others who grinned at him. John dropped his bagged lunch on the lunchroom floor and grabbed the boy by his shirt and pinned him against the wall.
What'd you say?
The boys feet were off the floor.
Hey there! Hey let go!
John was bigger and could easily have thrown him down.
Let go! Let go he yelled turning red, struggling against Johns grip.
John let him go and the blond boy regained his composure.
You better not try that again. Pick up your lunch and get out of here!
John hesitated then grabbed his sack lunch and walked on. He ate by himself in the lunchroom the way he always did since he moved from Baltimore .
Mark Eddington sat down next to him
Hey... do you know who that was you pinned against the wall?
No he shrugged.
That was Randy Calley! The captain of the football team!
John shrugged again.
You better be careful dude.
Mark left and John finished his sandwich. He was a little afraid but there was nothing he could do now. The week passed and he found himself in the far wing between classes. He was walking down the hall when Randy Calley turned the corner.
They stared at each other then Randy nodded.
How's it going?
Good John answered, feeling his heart.
He walked on and for the first time felt like he might make it in Chicago.

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