Saturday, March 9, 2013

Moving On

Jeff had not become a lifer yet. The writing group had a lot of lifers who came there to socialize. Robert was one of them. They sat through Roberts fiction and never commented. There was a conspiracy to never tell Robert how bad his fiction was. Then Jeff got a book contract and the group changed. He no longer felt the need to read. He no longer felt a part of the group. He had violated one of the unsaid rules by getting published.
Robert had just finished reading and Pee Wee the old writer asked for comments. Everyone started lying and saying they liked the color green. Or they liked how he described a sunset. Pee Wee was about to move on to the next writer when Jeff spoke.
We are lying to Robert.
Pee Wee looked at him.
I'm sorry.
We have been lying to Robert for two years.
The whole group stared at him. Pee Wee was gay and very diminutive.
And you are going to tell the truth now?
Jeff shrugged. Better than lying to him.
Robert had a funny expression.
Pee Wee crossed his legs and leaned forward like a therapist.
And what is the truth Jeff?
I think Robert should know his fiction sucks. It's always sucked.
The group glared at Jeff. He had just violated another rule. Pee Wee gathered himself up in gay hauteur.
You have no right to say that. No one appointed you the judge of what is good and what is bad.
Robert was smiling again.
I happen to like Roberts fiction! And I think it has shown marked improvement.
Pee Wee touched Roberts leg and winked.
So who is going to read next?
Jeff sat there not listening for the next hour.
He left and never returned.
Rocket Man...the Catcher in the Rye for the suburbs

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