Tuesday, March 26, 2013


Where is she?
I thought she was with you!
Kevin jumped up and ran down to the surf and looked both ways on the Florida beach.
Nothing. The million people of spring break.
Go that way he shouted but Julie was already running down the beach. He took off the other way. She was gone. People streaming up and down the beach. Someone grabbed her. Someone grabbed his eight year old daughter. Murdered. Dismembered. Raped. He turned around. He had gone too far. She could not have gone this far. People. People. People.
Did you see her Julie screamed, crying.
No he shouted.
They passed and now he was running the other way. How far. She was gone. This was the day his life changed forever. Nothing would ever be the same. Death. Death was preferable. There were so many fucking people. She was gone. Grabbed. Snatched. Call the cops. 911. He stopped and turned back and ran to where they had been.
Where is she Julie screamed hysterically.
Kevin shook his head.
She's fucking gone! He shouted
Gone. Gone. Gone.
Kevin stared at the ocean. Unbelieving.
He turned.
And there she was walking toward him. Crying. He ran like a crazy man and picked her up.
I was lost daddy! I was lost!
I know I know he said, holding her tight, sinking to his knees in the sand.
Julie fell over both of them.
Oh God...Oh God...she whimpered.



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