Monday, March 18, 2013

Lost in the City

I think we're lost.
No. We are in front of the projects and it's Saturday night Sean muttered, staring at the sea of young black men lounging in doorways and on the street corner.
I can't believe you did this you and your GPS--
Pop Pop Pop Pop Pop Pop Pop Pop Pop Pop Pop
The people were running now. The world was scattering and Sean pushed Lorens head down below the dash as his heart jumped.
Keep your head down he shouted.
The automatic weapon fire continued as Sean jammed the car in reverse  and smashed into the car behind him. The crash shook his skull. All the cars were trying to break out of the line. He tried to get the shift into first but everything was in slow motion.
Why are they shooting at us!
Keep your fucking head down!
Sean fought with the gear shift. The easiest task seemed impossible. He saw splinters of cement jumping up on the sidewalk. They were firing out of the high rise.  The world had vanished and time had slowed to a crawl. No one was on the street. It was like a war movie where someone shouted incoming and everyone jumped into foxholes.
Get us out of here Loren screamed.
I'm fucking trying, he shouted back, jamming the car finally into gear.
Sean floored it and they went through three red lights before they finally stopped. The man behind him pulled up and they met in the back of his car. 
Are you alright the man asked him.
Yes Sean said shakily. You?
I'm fine he said looking at his Mercades that was trashed.
Sean looked at him.
I'll give you my insurance number.
The man shook his head and looked him in the eye.
Forget about it. We're alive.
He got back in his car and drove off. Sean got back in and Loren stared at him
What did he say?
He said we were alive and not to worry about it.
Loren stared out the window.


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