Thursday, March 7, 2013

Kid Fame

G always thought it would be kind of cool to be in a movie. Then he was. He popped out of a ladies stomach as the devil kid.
He's got the look the agent said to his mom.
G thought that was pretty funny. He had no idea what the look was. But they kept asking him for more pictures for the magazine and then they wanted him for the commercials. And now the movie. The look was carrying him far.
So he went to the movie when it came to town. He sat with his mom and dad in the suburban theatre. G was kind of bored. He really didn't understand the movie. Something about devils and church. Filming was a bore. Waiting around. Lunch was cool and not going to school was cool. So then the film ended and all these girls surrounded him.
Can you sign my hand?
Can you sign my arm?
Can you sing my butt?
His mother glared at the girl. G thought some of them were a lot older than nine. Then it just ended. They left the theatre and went to McDonalds and then he played X Box until his mom made him go to bed.  G made a million bucks before he turned ten.

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