Friday, March 15, 2013

Foreclosure Squatters

Jenny had been in her home for three years for free, but she thought the judge might kick her out now. The lawyer for the bank stood next to her.
Your honor we are asking for a judgement of foreclosure.
The judge looked down then at Jenny.
How do you reply to this Mrs. Simmons.
I have not seen a deed judge. No one can tell me who owns my home.
The lawyer scoffed.
Your  honor my client the bank owns her mortgage.
Jenny turned to the big man in the loud suit.
You have not proved that.
The lawyer sputtered.
This has been going on three years your honor!
Young lady. How do you respond?
I am waiting for a deed your honor.
He turned to the lawyer.
Can you produce the deed?"
Not right now your honor...apparently it is missing but this doesn't change the fact she has been squatting in a home that should have been foreclosed upon years ago your honor!
The judge nodded.
Alright. We will continue this for another six months so you can produce a deed.
Jenny walked out and felt much better.
Anything could happen in six months.

Rocket Man...the upside down American Dream

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