Thursday, March 21, 2013

First Job

Frankie rang the doorbell with the pizza in his hand. He waited. He rang the doorbell again. It was his first job and he was running late.
Hang on someone called out from inside.
He waited and balanced the pizza. The door flew back and a large curly haired man in a robe appeared. He was very hairy and sweating.
Jesus! You really have bad timing!
The mans robe was barely closed and his chest glistened.
Sorry I'm late Frankie muttered.
Yeah...well like I said your timing wasn't so great the man said breathing hard.
He handed Frankie a twenty.
Keep it he said shutting the door.
Frankie drove back to the pizza parlor where Tony  from Chicago was making another pizza.
You get that one there?
Yeah...Frankie frowned. I think the guy was working out or something.
Tony frowned with flour on his cheeks.
 Whys that?
Frankie shrugged.
He was all sweaty and breathing hard in his robe.
Yeah...he said my timing was really bad. I mean I know I was late.
Tony stopped and stared at him. He laughed  loud.
Don't you know what he was doing?
Frankie stared at him.
Working out?
Working out! He was fucking stupid!
Tony laughed again.
You're funny boy...working out!
He flipped the pizza pie over and laughed again.
Funny man. You funny.
Frankie felt his face get hot.
He was still a virgin.

Rocket Man

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