Friday, March 1, 2013

Downwardly Mobile

Todd had been living in his parents apartment in Chicago ever since graduating from the University of Iowa that put him a cool hundred and twenty G under water. He sent out resumes to everyone in the world a Communications major could think of. Most of the time he got nothing back.  Sometimes he got back a form letter. And it had been a year. And now it was the second year. His dad gave him a hundred dollar bill before he left for work.
Go out and have some fun.
He had been pretty depressed. College educated. Bright. Ambitious. No job. No job. No job. He partied hard because there was nothing else. And with the hundred bucks he headed for Rush Street to meet up with some friends. The drunk fest was typical with no women really interested in the twenty five year old who lived with his parents. The Great Recession was chugging along and sometimes Todd wondered if he would ever leave his parents apartment.
And now he was walking to find a cab. Two AM. Drunk. Just munched. Hot dog. Fries. Shake. Ride home to bed. But he was horny. It had been like a year. looking for some.
Todd turned and saw a black woman looking up and down the street like a cop. She had on tight sparkly pants and heels. Todd shrugged.
What are you thinking?
I give you a blow job for five dollars.
Todd stared at the waiting cabs down the street. What the hell.
The woman motioned him into the alley. Todd looked both ways and nonchalantly strolled into the alley.
Give me the five bucks.
Todd fished out his wallet. The older woman took the five bucks and looked up and down the alley.
Alright...drop your pants.
Todd pulled his pants down and and felt the November air on his ass. The woman went below him and he tried to get into it. But her mouth felt dry and kind of used up. It was like a dry sock. He saw a man stare into the alley and felt really weird. She was doing something below him  but he couldn't see because of her head.
Hey...that's cool. I'm good he said.
She stood up and nodded.
Alright...And then she looked both ways and walked out of the alley. Todd buckled his pants and caught a cab home. He felt pretty  disgusted with himself. A new low getting a blow job from a hooker in an alley. He resolved to stop his slide toward downward mobility right then.
The cab pulled over and he realized the hooker had stolen his wallet.
Rocket Man...the novel of suburban hell

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