Wednesday, March 20, 2013

City Life

He's doing it again.
No shit
John and George looked out the window.
He's smoking a cigarette.
How can he do that and smoke a cigarette?
It looks like he's Russian or something the way he's holding it.
George frowned.
That could be a function of what he's doing with his  other hand.
John laughed.
You have that bucket of pennies?
Yeah .
Get it.
George brought up the bucket and kneeled down by the window.
I cant believe he does it in front of his window.
Part of the thrill George murmured.
He winged back and threw a penny. They heard the ping on the window.
He's stopped!
They were both crouching by the window with the  light off now.
Do it again.
George threw there more pennies. Ping Ping Ping. 
Oh he's freaked now.
They watched the man crouch down and stare out the window.
They stared across the courtyard of the building.
You think he knows it's us John whispered.
I don't think he knows what to think.
They waited until he pulled down his shade and stood up.
Guess he wont do that again. John said.
Guess not.
The man was back the next night and the  night after that.
George and John moved back to the suburbs when their lease ended.
Rocket Man...the American Dream upside down

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