Monday, March 25, 2013


Toby heard the dryer and turned over in bed and stared at the breasts. His window was only a few feet away from the brownstone and every morning the blow dryer woke him up. She had moved in a month ago. The woman began to feel her breasts. She did this every morning in the bathroom while drying her hair. This fascinated  Toby. Somebody masturbating while getting ready for work.
  She finished and the lights flicked off. Toby turned back over in the early darkness and went back to sleep. He ran  into her a few times going into her building. She was a blond young professional always pecking her Iphone. She nodded at the writer next door who obviously had no where to go.
 And every morning they had sex. Toby watched her and fantasized. It wasn't a girlfriend but it was a communion. And every morning he watched the careful fingers massage, feel, finger, rub. His whole day was arranged around making sure he woke up to the blow dryer.
 And then it stopped. No blow dryer. No breasts. Toby wondered if she lost her job. And then she moved and a new tenant appeared. A guy. Toby watched him squeeze a zit one morning and pulled down his shade. He ran into the dude one day as he  came back from the bars.
Yo...what up.
He  shrugged
Nothing man.
Toby paused.
Hey...did you know the chick who was here before?
He was drunk and swayed.
No...but she busted her lease that's how I got this sweet crib he said.
Toby frowned.
Why'd she bust her lease?
He shrugged.
Dunno man....guess she had breast cancer or some shit.

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