Thursday, March 28, 2013

Alice Cooper

Dude that's Alice Cooper Gary whispered.
I know.
They stood in the elevator with the little man holding his groceries. Devin had gotten used to celebs in his parents apartment building. Pitchers. Actors. Rockers. that really him?
Devin shrugged as they ascended in the elevator.
Yeah. I've seen him around a couple times he whispered back.
Gary stared at the little man with longish hair. He was staring at the control panel.
Schools out forever Gary hummed
Alice kept staring straight ahead
Devin had seen him in the grocery store once before by the vegetables. They had all rocked to his anthems. Eighteen. Schools Out. Snakes. Goth makeup. Blood. Now the little man in the elevator who was trying to ignore Gary.
Cause Im eighteen...Gary hummed.
The elevator opened and Alice Cooper left with his groceries.
Gary stared after him.
Dude! Alice Cooper!
Devin hit the close button.
Rocket Man...American dream upside down

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