Friday, March 29, 2013

A Good Man

Tyler came out of the building into the drear of  winter after dropping off resumes.
His feet hurt and he had just enough money for a cup of coffee. He had been unemployed for two years. He flipped up his coat and  saw the Chicago newspaper. They were his age. They had sold an app for a billion dollars! Tyler  stooped to the paper box and read about the two twenty somethings who sold their Instagram app to Facebook. A billion dollars! And he couldn't get a fucking job.
He stood up and hunched against the wind cutting down Michigan Avenue. His eyes watered. He turned and saw the lady fall. She collapsed on the sidewalk and went into convulsions. Tyler ran over and grabbed her arms.
Lady! Lady! Are you alright he shouted
She was small and Asian. Her  eyes rolled back. Her teeth clenched. He pulled out his wallet and jammed it into her mouth. Then he took off his overcoat and put it over her.
You're going to be alright lady...alright he said holding her.
He heard someone next to him dialing 911. He kept the coat on her until the paramedics pulled him off and went to work. They put her on a stretcher and wheeled her away. One of them held up his coat and wallet.
These yours buddy?
Yeah. I thought she might swallow her tongue so I put the wallet in her mouth.
The paramedic handed him his coat and wallet.
Good man he said clapping him on the shoulder.

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