Sunday, February 10, 2013

Upside Down

Erica and George lay in bed and stared at the snow outside their window. They had both fallen asleep during the movie but were wired from the coffee after the dinner.  George stared outside and felt the same tug.
We can't move he said to the ceiling
Of course we cant Erica murmured.
I know. But sometimes it really just hits me.
You just have to accept it.
I promised Joey.
He has to accept it.
But he hates it out here. I hate it out here.
Eric was quiet.
I can't do anything about that.
We could rent.
We can't rent.
Why not...I grew up in rented houses.
And your dad still has to work at eighty.
George turned, seeing his wife's eyes glimmering
We are renting now.
NO we are not.
We don't have any equity. We owe more than the house is worth.
That's not renting.
We will have nothing to show for it at the end
Eric moved and George felt his heart.
We can't rent she said dully.
 I think we should. At least give Joey a chance to start over.
A different school won't change things.
George sat up.
It might. Everyone could start over. We all could get a second chance.
Erich had her eyes closed, her lips murmuring.
We aren't going to rent.
George lay back down and  stared out the window at the snowy field of their Ex Urb. He wanted to go back to the city so bad it hurt. He saw a deer cross their yard. He heard his wife breathing heavy and looked at her. She began to snore. George turned back to the window.
The deer was gone.
Rocket Man...the American Dream Upside Down

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