Thursday, February 28, 2013

Ten Thousand Sexts

It started very innocently. Jeanine was Mikes account rep. She was single and they would text back and forth about her dates.
The guy last night couldn't even get it up!
That is not my problem.
I'll bet!
Just like that the sexting began. Mike had four kids and a wife of fifteen years in the suburbs. Jeanine was ten years younger and lived in the city.
So you must have been pretty wild before?
I got laid a lot Mike sent back.
I can see that...are you well equipped?
A lot of woman say about you?
I love a good cock.  Size does matter.
The sexting exploded. Mikes phone buzzed constantly and they dared each other with each sext. Jenine sent a picture of herself on a topless beach.
Nice tits
I have a nicer ass.
And do you like it that way?
Mike tried to scrub his phone in case one of the kids or his wife picked it up. But there were so many and Jenine kept up the stream even at night. Mike went out to the garage to continue sexting. Jenine began sending nude shots.
You like?
You are hot...more?
Jenine sent pictures of herself getting off. Then she followed up with video porn clips. Mike sat in the living room in the middle of the night sexting. He sexted in the morning, on the train, in the bathroom. He took pictures of himself and sent them.
Ohhh. You are big. More?
When his wife found his phone in his jacket there were ten thousand sexts. The reason for the divorce in the legal documents was infidelity. Mike protested and said he had never sex with Jenine. His wife stared at him in the lawyers office.
 Really? Ten thousand sexts and you want me to believe you didn't have sex? Please!
After he told Jennine he was getting a divorce the sexting stopped. Not one sext. Mike sent a text asking if she would like to go to dinner. His phone buzzed.
Dating someone new!  LOL.

Rocket Man...funniest serious novel since Russo's Straight Man. Chicago Sun Times

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