Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Tammys Likes

Tammy loved Facebook. She loved posting pictures of her trips and getting likes.  She loved that people liked her photos. When they went to Switzerland she posted a hundred  pictures. She posted pictures of their trip to Hawaii. The likes were amazing. They went to the White House and she cropped a picture of the President so it seemed like she was standing next to him. A hundred people liked that photo.
I just cant believe you are with the President!
Tammy preened and then posted a photo of herself in her swimsuit.
You look so hot!
You look fabulous!
You are a babe!
The likes increased. Then she posted a picture of herself in a bikini from ten years before. The likes and comments poured in.
You are luscious!
How do you keep in shape!
You have the life!
Several men asked her to friend them. She did. Someone posted a link to American Idol and told her she should try out. During all of this she barely thought about her son. He had been having trouble at school. They fought quite a bit. She grounded him. She took away the keys to his car. He would bother her a lot when she was on Facebook. She often snapped at him.
Can you please please leave me alone, Toby! I am doing something important.
Sure mom he said glaring at her. Tammy didn't care. She was posting their pictures from Paris and she looked unbelievable in front of the Eiffel Tower. More likes. The next day she got a text.
She opened her page and saw a picture of herself naked. Just out of the shower. Under it was a caption.
The comments poured in.
What a whale!
What a pig!
Man I wouldn't wish that on any man!
Creature from the deep!
Tammy's  likes hit an all time high.
Rocket Man...the Catcher in the Rye for the Great Recession Generation


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