Friday, February 22, 2013

Starbucks Mom

Hey Ms. G Is that you?
Wendy had on the headset and felt her face warm
Yo. Ms G. I thought that was you...hey dude your mom is working at the Starbucks!
Wendy felt herself freeze up but she had to bang out a latte, a mocha, and two fraps.
Alright boys. Pull up to window 2 she said in the microphone, lining up the cups and hitting the steam. She dropped a cup and pulled up another one. She hadn't told Jerry about working at Starbucks. It was a just a job and since Guy lost his sales job and was now working at Best Buy it was just the way it was. She heard the sound of music in the open drive window.
Hey Ms. G...Yo Ms. G! Is that really you?
She went to the window. Ryan driving his Range Rover who lived in the largest home in Brooklane. And she just smiled. Just smiled. They weren't worried about losing their home. They were not on food stamps or Medicaid. His mother was not working at Starbucks for health insurance and groceries.
Hello Ryan. That will be thirteen seventy five she said taking the money.
Yo Ms. G...Jerry is in the back. Hey Jerry man it's your mom dude. She's working at Starbucks!
She squinted into the leather recesses.
Hi mom her son  muttered looking down.
Hi sweetie.
She handed Ryan the change and then his tray of drinks.
Yo...thanks Ms. would have thought I'd see Jerry's mom working at like Starbucks he said smiling toothily.
Wendy smiled quickly and then the Range Rover left the window. She turned to the steam machine and was thankful for the heat. The steam wouldn't look like tears then.

Rocket Man....funniest novel since Richard Russos Straight Man...Chicago Sun Times

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