Saturday, February 9, 2013

Rate My Professor Dot Com

We all knew rate my was important to getting another gig adjuncting. I mean I was the new guy and I had five out of five in every area. I figured I was gold for another gig. But the lady who had the classroom before me was tanking. She had  like a one in every area and we always laughed at her blackboard. She left all her stuff about grammar and punctuation on there every day. I mean this was Comp 105. I was teaching students how to be writers.
I asked them every day. You want me to teach your this stuff? And they were like no we did that in high school. I was all about voice. Bringing out their voice because I had a couple novels out and I knew how to write. A lot of these English Professors had nothing published. Nada. And they were supposed to teach kids how to write. So I was feeling pretty good about getting another gig. I mean it was a small liberal arts college near Chicago and I think they liked having a novelist on the faculty.

So the last week before exams I see the teacher walking to class. She's kind of heavy and I think she just got married or something. But she looks like she's been crying.
What's wrong?
Oh nothing, she sniffs. Have you ever heard of rate my
Well...I guess I got the worst rating in the school.
I knew this but I played dumb. I was already the popular professor. The one the kids all dug and she was like the hated one. But I played along.
I'm sure its not that bad.
NO...She sniffs again. It gets worse. Some one put in the school newspaper that I was the worst professor on campus.
Ouch. But still I played the big man. She definitely wouldn't be getting another gig.
Look its easy to be the popular professor...its harder to be someone who makes the kids work.
She looked up.
Sure. I know you are good because I see the work on your board every day.

She looked like she felt better after that and I felt pretty good too. I really needed the adjunct gigs because my novels weren't selling shit. They fired me the next week because of budget cuts. My rating on hit an all time high.
 Especially in the Easiest Category.

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