Monday, February 11, 2013

Inappropriate Clothing

After Tammy separated from Ralph she started going out. She was blond and well endowed and had looked like a mom for the last twenty years. She wore skinny jeans and tight sweaters. The men at the bars stared at her and she was pretty with her hair done up and her lipstick and her smile. Also she laughed a lot. She had sex with a man in his truck on her second date after Ralph moved into the condo after he caught her sexting with a man on Facebook.
The STD she caught was really painful but she liked going out. She liked drinking in bars until they closed and having men leer at her. She liked kissing them in their cars and giving them head. But then she always felt bad when she had to drive her kids to school the next day. The house was a wreck and her son was failing everything. Her daughter was wearing inappropriate clothes.

You shouldn't wear something that revealing.
Why not?
Because it sends the wrong message.
Her daughter scowled but changed. Tammy went out that night and saw her daughters science teacher in the bar. He was married but he bought her drinks. And then they were in his car and Tammy found her shirt up again. She gave him her STD. That's what he told her later. Then she met a black man and had magnificent sex. Then a Mexican man. She had sex in a theatre and in the back of a really small Hyundai. She had to take a lot antibiotics.

She and Ralph got back together .She saw her daughters science teacher at Back To School Night. They talked and Tammy felt her face turning red.
Your daughter is wearing inappropriate clothes.
Tammy nodded.
I'll talk to her.
Do you want to go out to my car?
I'm back  with my husband she murmured.
He smiled.
Sure you are.
Rocket Man...Catcher in the Rye for The Great Recession Generation


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