Sunday, February 17, 2013

Double Duty

Craig's wife never lost the weight from their second child and they quit having sex. Craig worked out every day and felt Susanne had violated her part of the bargain. Jackie worked for Craig and was very young and pretty. She often stayed late and helped Craig with the tough accounts at the Fastner plant. Craig was the regional and had hoped to move but the Great Recession had froze him in place. He was almost fifty.

One night Jackie stayed late and they ended up on Craig's desk. It was amazing to see this blond woman with her heels up toward the fluorescent light. They had been working on a tough account and Jackie had started massaging his neck and just like that they were on the desk. The sex was amazing. Something from college. They lay on the floor under the desk staring at the wires from the computer and the printer going up through the holes in the desk top. The third time it happened Craig told Jackie he loved her.

But you have a family she reminded him.
It doesn t matter. We haven't had sex for over a year.
Doesn't she care about sex anymore.
Guess not. Anyway. He said turning over. I want you now.

This went on for a months and then a strange thing happened. Suzanne rolled over to his side of the bed and reached for Craig. He was tired out from being with Jackie but he performed. While he was on top the thought came to him. Double Duty.I am doing double duty. Suzanne came alive every night and Craig got tired. He had sex with Jackie and then Suzanne His performance became lackluster with Jackie. Sometimes he couldn't perform at all and she was strangely silent in the office. Suzanne kept him up late and demanded they go multiple times. Craig felt guilty and always obliged.

One day Jackie didn't come into the office. Craig got word from HR she had quit. He tried to contact her but her phone had been disconnected. HR said she had another job and that she was getting married. Craig was shocked. He had been pulling double duty for two months and was always exhausted. Then Suzanne  suddenly went back to her side of the bed. Six months went by. Craig went back to just working and finally asked his wife one night why they never had sex anymore.

Suzanne had a funny smile on her face and raised her eyebrows.
I was worried about you having a heart attack.
Why's that?
She turned away from him, her voice murmuring.
You are almost fifty.
Craig stared at the ceiling. It was almost like she knew.

Rocket Man...the Catcher in the Rye for the Great Recession

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