Thursday, February 14, 2013

Commuter Love

You really need a heavier coat.
The shivering woman with the Iphone smiled.
I know. I just didn't think it would be this cold.
Dave shrugged.
Chicago winter he said.
He watched her. She had on a stocking cap with long trellising blond hair. She was cute. She was probably twenty years younger. Everyone stood in the frozen vestibule breathing smoke with the tiny bees humming out of ear plugs. What the hell.
Here take my coat.
She smiled, shivering even more.
I couldn't--
Take it. Go on he said draping his trench coat around her shoulders.
Thank you.
The train roared up and shook the ground. He followed her through the snow into the warm dimly lit car. She slipped off his coat and handed it to Dave.
Thank you...I have a two beers in my back pack.
Dave sat down next to her as the train lurched into the winter darkness. She handed him a beer.
Megan she said offering her hand.
They toasted and drank. She was very pretty. He could tell that now with her hat off. Stunning blue eyes.
I ride this train every day. You would think I'd learn.
Dave nodded and said something about how he under dresses all the time. She was a teacher. She was single living alone in Bartlett. Dave already saw the affair. The older man who befriends the young teacher. Of course their torrent love affair would have consequences. He had two kids. A wife. A dog. These things would have to be worked out. Right now they were in their cozy space, barreling through the frozen Illinois countryside.
So are you married?
No. No.
Megan looked at him.
You're not?
No...never felt the urge. I'm not the marrying least until I find the right person.
Dave felt the beer warm his insides. It was Friday. Maybe he would get off at her stop. His new life would begin right now. A young life. Very young. This was the break in the long winter of middle age. A starting over in this crappy recession. He was buzzing now. It was like they were on a date in this car of used up people going through their commute. Megan stood up.
Well...this is my stop. Thank you for letting me use your coat.
Dave stared at her.
Oh...but this isn't Bartlett.
Megan smiled.
I know. This is where my fiance lives. We're getting married next month in Jamaica. Well thanks again.
Dave watched her go out of the car and sat with his empty beer can. Love sick. The train lurched on with the tired people. He watched the frozen farms go by the window. By the time he reached home Dave had almost forgotten her.

Rocket Man..the Catcher in the Rye for the Great Recession

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